Cocktail lexicon

Spritzer - Cocktail

  • 3 parts white wine
  • or rosé wine
  • 1 part carbonated water
  • or flavored sparkling water or lemonade or lemon-limeade or ginger ale
  • 1 piece of lime
  • or lemon or orange or grapefruit or yuzu

This is how the cocktail spritzer is prepared:

Pour the ingredients into a tall glass, wine glass or goblet filled with ice. Garnish with the citrus wheel, lemon wedge or twist.

Did you already know?

Hardly a cocktail and yet too important to be overlooked: The spritzer is the grandmother of all wine cocktails, from the Tinto de Verano to the Aperol Spritz.

The stories about the origin of Schorle are obscure. It is thought to have originated in Austria, Germany (where it is called Schorle) or Hungary (where it is called Fröccs) - but in any case in the mid-1800s, when carbonated water was the new trend.