Cocktail lexicon

Toronto - Cocktail

  • 60 ml Canadian rye whisky (e.g. Alberta Dark Batch)
  • 7 ml Fernet-Branca
  • 7 ml simple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Garnish: Orange spiral

This is how the Toronto cocktail is prepared:

Add rye whiskey, Fernet-Branca, simple syrup and bitters to a mixing glass with ice and stir until well chilled.

Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with an orange spiral.

Did you already know?

The Toronto cocktail combines rye whiskey with Fernet-Branca, simple syrup and aromatic bitters. It is unclear whether the drink was actually invented in Toronto or just named after the city. It is also unclear exactly when it was invented. But the Toronto first appeared in 1922 in Robert Vermeire's book "Cocktails: How to Mix Them" as the Fernet Cocktail. In later books, including David Embury's "The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks", the recipe was referred to as Toronto, as it is known today.
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