Skittle Bomb

Skittle Bomb

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Skittle Bomb - Cocktail

  • 25 ml Triple Sec, 250 ml Red Bull

This is how the Skittle Bomb cocktail is prepared:

The Triple Sec is poured into a shot glass and the shot glass is then dripped into the energy drink.

Did you already know?

The Skittle Bomb, also known as "Retreau" (pronounced "Rétro") in France, is an alcoholic bomb cocktail that takes its name from its Skittles confectionery flavor. The method of preparation is similar to the Jägerbomb. It consists of a shot glass of Cointreau, an orange liqueur, dropped into a glass of an energy drink (usually Red Bull).

In Southeast Asia (especially in Singapore), the Skittle Bomb is also known as the C-Bomb, where the C stands for Cointreau.